I Can Do It

I can do it

I can carry on

There are times I may pause

Thinking of quitting

When things get too tough

But then, I lift my head high

And square my shoulders

I can do it

I can carry on

The road gets steeper

The footing gets worse

And, of course, it’s starts to rain

To pour

Lightning and thunder

But I can do it

I must carry on

The rain seems to fade

The path momentarily flat

It seems easy now

But I know the dangers still lurk

Under the cover of the trees

I can do it

I can carry on

I don’t have much left

Time or energy

I’ve passed through mountains and valleys

Through deserts and snow storms

I can do it

I can carry on




‘Go through the door’

a small voice in my head whispers



shouts a louder voice

‘It is just three pieces of wood

in the middle of nowhere

and you can go around’


I stare hard at the door

that may not be a door at all

I need to decide



I have a feeling that the soft voice is right

but the other voice is louder


A pin

A small, sharp, silver needle

That’s all I need

All I need to pierce this pressure building up in my head

It feels like an overfilled balloon

Ready to burst at any moment

All I need to lessen this pressure is

A small sharp, silver needle

A pin


Two girls behind me keep whispering

The guy beside me is tapping his foot to a rhythm in his head

And none of this worksheet makes any sense anyways


The wind is howling outside

My thoughts keep getting in the way

The teacher is pacing back and forth


Someone is clicking their pen

The clock won’t move fast enough

A group of girls are giggling in the corner


And now this poem is distracting me

Even it’s much more interesting than the work I’m suppose to be doing


*Yes, I did write in science class instead of doing my work 🙂

One Moment

One moment

One moment is all it takes

for a display of images

to flash before your eyes

for a million thoughts

to run through

your head

and in

one moment

they’re gone


Those who hunger before dragons

feel the same hunger

just a different sense of urgency

The Clock Tower


I glance around me at the still body on the ground as I blend into the night

Clang, clang,

I scamper along the maze of alleys that haven’t changed in the time I’ve been away

Clang, clang, clang,

The stench is unbearable; I pause to gather my surroundings

Clang, clang, clang, clang,

I take one look at the wall in front of me and immediately start scaling it; no looking down now

Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang,

Finally outside the city limits, I bolt into the cover of the surrounding woods

Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang,

I can barely hear the chiming of the bells in the distance as the clock strikes six; I look towards the sunset

I am free at last